Item Preparation

We accept stylish, gently worn, seasonal clothing in girls sizes 0-16, as well as juniors and boys sizes 0-20, as well as smaller men’s sizes. We will also accept Halloween costumes (fall/winter sale only), swimwear (spring/summer sale only), children’s shoes, baby equipment, including furniture and bedding, books, DVDs, toys, breast pumps, and cloth diaper covers. All items must have all parts, be in excellent working condition, and have batteries, if required. We DO NOT ACCEPT maternity clothes, nursing bras, some t-shirts, stuffed animals, bottles, sippy cups, burp cloths, pacifiers, VHS tapes, DVDs without cases, Dolly Parton Imagination Library Books, pageant dresses, free diaper bags, diaper pails, Happy Meal toys, multiple items (more than three) that are identical and new with tags, or household items. Due to Federal regulations we can not accept drop side cribs. Also, please be sure that any car seats are within 6 yrs of manufacture date.

Please review recall website link for any toys that have been recalled. We will not accept any toys that have been recalled.

We reserve the right to refuse any item based on condition and seasonal use. Stained clothing and clothing that smells of smoke will be refused.

All clothes, including sleepers & PJs, must be on hangers with the hook facing left as you face the front of the item (making a question mark). All two-piece items must be safety-pinned together. Safety pin overalls and pants to hangers. Pants folded over hangers will NOT be accepted. Please pin any items that are loose on the hanger- if it falls off a hanger it may not get sold!

Shoes should be in excellent condition and placed in ZIPLOC BAGS with the size written on the outside of the bag. We will only be accepting 10 pairs of shoes per consignor. Shoes will not be accepted unless in excellent condition.

DVDs should be brought in original cases only or they will not be accepted. There is not a limit on DVDs. We will only accept movies appropriate for children. No R rated movies!

Electronics and game cartridges should be placed in gallon sized ziploc bags with a sheet of card stock or they will not be accepted. This is to help deter theft.

Please tag your own toys, books, videos and anything that cannot be tagged with a tagging gun. Tags must be firmly attached. We are not responsible for lost tags. Tag your own clothing in the selvage or the seam on the right hand side of the garment as you face it. Free fasteners can be picked up at the Highland Church of Christ office at 400 N. Houston Levee Rd, Cordova from 9 am-3 pm Monday through Friday beginning Sunday 6 weeks before the sale. You may also purchase tag guns there for $12 (cash or check only).

Arrange clothes in order of size, from smallest to largest, with boy and girl items separate.

Enter items in online inventory system. You may include items from a previous sale but you MUST print new tags for items from previous sales!! Please note that all items must be entered by Monday of sale week by 10:00 a.m.

Your asking price should reflect 1/4 to 1/3 the original price. Nothing should be priced less than $1. Price in $.50 increments.


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